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Upcoming Shows

3/5/16 SWAN Day Festival, New Britain, CT
3/2/16 PPRN Radio - Live on Air, 6 PM
2/27/16 WESC Radio - Live on Air, 3:30 PM
1/16/16 Pacific Standard Taven, New Haven, CT
1/9/16 Brass Ring Academy and Cabaret, Bristol, CT
12/6/15 9pm Cafe Nine, New Haven, CT
10/17/15 7:30pm Glastonbury Apple Harvest Festival, Glastonbury, CT
10/17/15 2pm Auerfarm Fall Festival, Bloomfield, CT
8/7/15 Podunk Bluegrass Festival, Hebron, CT
6/26/15 MCC on Main, Manchester, CT
3/14/15 Spaceland Ballroom, Hamden, CT
1/10/15 Brass Ring Academy and Cabaret, Bristol, CT
9/20/14 The Ballroom at The Outer Space, Hamden, CT
6/12/14 Grand Band Slam, Cafe Nine, New Haven, CT
5/24/14 The Stomping Ground, Putnam, CT
5/9/14 Arch Street Tavern, Hartford, CT
4/27/14 Daffodil Festival, Meriden, CT
4/5/14 Swan Day Music Festival, Wolcott, CT

Dan Hamilton, guitar, mandolin, banjo, vocals Jeff Chen, cello, keys, multi-instrumental extraordinaire Matt Futoma, percussion, drums, cats, situational comedian Mik Walker, bass Parker Hu, vocals, guitar



Parker Hu, vocals, guitar

Dan Hamilton, guitar, mandolin, banjo, vocals

Mik Walker, bass

Matt Futoma, percussion, drums, cats

Jeff Chen, cello, keys


"Connecticut’s masters of the new American Gothic. Their brand of Americana is a dark, noir brand of influences that coalesce into something rootsy yet ethereal." -lonesome noise

"...a blend of old Irish folk, smooth, deep indie, and something else altogether, something haunting and lilting and melodical. -Alyn Day, novelist

"An intoxicating blend of indie folk, country and with a bit of sea shanty thrown in for good measure. This is dark folk music." - CT Indie

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